Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tips of the day...

Lunia here...

as a student, i'm sure u need to do lots of presentation... whether u like it or not...
u hv to do it becoz of marks....

so here are some of the tips that might help u to get extra marks and attention...

1. Use your voice as a tool
In the same way that you have to work on your body to keep fit, you have to work
on your voice for it to be an effective tool. changing the tone of voice and the speed in which you say them. Say them out a few more times, pausing at different places and changing up the rhythm.
2. Make it look good
As a presenter, your job is to
impart information, but to do this, you need to keep your audience focused. Have
you ever been to a presentation where most of the audience were squirming in
their seats and constantly checking their watches? This is what you want to
Make sure your slides are stylish and have plenty of graphics – photos, not
cartoon pictures. Put just a little text on each slide, so that the audience can
follow your topics, but concentrate on you. Handouts, too, should be designed
with this in mind.

3. Make it interesting
Involve the audience in the talk by asking lots
of questions
Move about comfortably
Link your talk to recent hot topics in the
Use humor in wise amounts
Use interesting facts and start off by saying like ‘Did you know…?’
Constantly remind the audience how your talk will benefit them like
“Remember that this is the way to ace your job interview…”
If you project confidence and vary your tone of voice, the audience will
listen to every word you say

4. Enjoy it!

good luck :)

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